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A bit about me...
  • I've been riding bikes since I was ten, growing up on a sheep station in the middle of the sticks out near Broken Hill in far-western NSW. I bought my first road bike in 1996: an old 250 Honda 4. Since then I've owned two GPZ's: a 550 and an 1100, both hand-me-downs. I finally lashed out in 2003 and bought what I really wanted: a trumpy like Dad used to ride! 'Course it's a lot newer (2000 Thunderbird) and doesn't leak oil, but I figure if Dad rode 'em then they're the bike for me! Seriously tho', I find it well balanced, comfortable, and quite quick enough for a fiftyish lady feeling her mortality these days!
  • I made the choice to have two wheels as my only transport for 5 years (2011-2016) rain, hail or shine. So yeah, I know a bit about riding gear and luggage etc required to do the shopping! I must admit though, bikes do have their limitations for carrying stuff so I have a little car now. I still ride more than I drive though. 
  • I started in business part-time while getting myself a bit of better-late-than-never education at Central Queensland University (I have a BA with Distinction majoring in Communications, Sociology and Environmental Science). I bought $1500 worth of boots, bongs and bits-n-pieces from a small biker-oriented store that was closing down here in Bundy, and rented space in the front of a local shoe-repair shop.
  • There seemed to be a niche market so, after the shoe-repair shop went broke and closed down, I opened Everything But The Bike (November 1999). I started importing products that just weren't available in Australia back then, though of course now there's heaps of copy-cats. They can't seem to match our level of customer-service though!
  • I'd become interested in the internet while studying at CQU, so the next step was a web site. EBTB had outgrown the premises within the first twelve months, but I waited out the 3 year lease before relocating to the present site and adding a tattoo studio. Cheers, Trish
Trish - Owner/Manager/Chief Shitkicker
Trish - Owner/Manager/Chief Shitkicker
Trish's pride and joy!
Trish's pride and joy!

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